Commercial document storage / Document scanning

Save on space, time and money.

Spring provides commercial document storage and digital document scanning of  your important documents.

Whether you need to keep hold of your records for taxation, security or archival reasons, needless to say, these can take up a great deal of space in your premisses, valuable space perhaps better used for more profitable or useful business operations – Spring offers the space, time and money saving alternative.

You can now store your documents at Spring, knowing that they are held under the strictest security to keep your sensitive documents secure and protected while meeting all your statutory obligations for accountability and privacy.

Digital document storage

If you need to maintain digital rather than hard copies of your documents, Spring can help you there too. With our digital archiving service, your documents can be scanned and securely stored on DVD, hard drive or on our online  servers.

Hard copy or digital storage?

Sometimes you need ready access to stored documents, while other documents can easily sit in an archived box (which we can provide) for the mandatory period until it’s time for their destruction. We can help you determine how best to store documents to meet your access needs and find the most cost-effective solution.

If you’re not sure which secure document storage method best suits your needs, talk to our team now on 01506 631875 – for free advice.

Secure document shredding service on request