About us

Reliability, affordability, friendliness and flexible customer service.

Commercial storage, warehousing, logistics and distribution, Bathgate, Scotland. Since our inception we’ve grown and now offer over 200,000 Sq. Ft. of commercial storage right in Scotland’s commercial heart.

Spring is built on a foundation of family values, strong business ethics and trust. Our customers value these traditions, and we take pride in providing a friendly, personal service along with professional and secure warehousing services, using the best stock management technology.

Our West Lothian location gives us access to excellent road transport links to all major towns, cities and international airports – so we can offer expert bulk, palletised and archive warehousing for both our UK and overseas clients.

We can tailor solutions to meet any of your commercial warehousing and distribution needs, at a very competitive price.

Our senior team

Dawn Carson (Business Development Director)

Victoria Garden (Quality and Fulfilment Manager)

Lesley Ward (Managing Director/Financial Director)

Grant Garden (Logistics and Operations Director)

Ronnie Garvey (Warehouse Director)

Our customers value our reliability, affordability, friendliness and flexible customer service. How do we know? They tell us so.

“Their reputation within the storage trade is unsurpassed.”

“Trustworthy and in a great central accessible location”

“First class haulage solutions, a cost-effective and convenient service.”

“We can always speak to a Director for advice – they offer a service above and beyond the norm.”

“Their flexible high standard warehousing has never wavered in ten years of reliable service.”

“Using Spring gives us peace of mind. They understand our needs and offer a good service – reliable and very cost effective.”

“They take a real interest in providing solutions to our haulage and warehousing problems. Spring’s location has always been to our benefit.”

For more information, to arrange a meeting or speedy action call us now on 01506 631875